You and Meroni


Private homes or public spaces offering refined hospitality are the subjects that F.lli MERONI seeks to address and solve for our customers, You & Meroni, in a bid to satisfy all their wishes to the best of our abilities.

Reliable and accurate responses will be promptly examined in further depth and, upon request, shared also in close collaboration with architects and interior design professionals.

F.lli Meroni also takes the initiative to actively communicate with them, covering a wide range of topics, to ensure all furnishing projects are successfully completed: daytime areas, living rooms, halls, kitchens, bedrooms, fixed wardrobes or modular cabinets or closets, bathrooms, studies and offices, meeting rooms or conference rooms, relaxation areas and leisure spaces, and much more, with standard items or project-based and made-to-measure deliverables.


Lifestyle is individual and shared with those around you, to live according to one's own natural rhythms as well as personal preferences and attitudes. You, your loved ones and your guests deserve the best that we can offer: we guarantee dedication, commitment and extreme precision to deliver the best quality and the finest, most satisfying organization of your time spent in your favorite environments.


Bon Ton is the charm of aristocratic refinement that for centuries has characterized the sophisticated behavior of hosts and guests gathered at the most elegant stately homes: "noblesse oblige" was the saying at the time on how elegant manners were required to manage relationships at the highest level, in reciprocating courteous behavior among noble gentlemen, but also from the middle classes, writers, men of power and culture; in short, high-ranking gentlemen and ladies at all latitudes.

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