Contract & Project


Work in progress, much like the determination at F.lli MERONI to never rely on bold, grandiloquent statements.

What qualifies art, as much as true craftsmanship, is its ability to take raw instinct, intuition, workmanship and executive artistry and put them to practical use, by honing skills and abilities in such a way as to create the difference between a process or product that is merely executed, and an approach or a method that yields a verifiable impact on the final achievement when delivering the true Oeuvre:the birth of authentic Masterpieces born out of artistic genius and handiwork!

All that you want, custom made.

Art as applied to the project. Lines. Colors, Finishes, Veneers, Textile sets in the most suitable sizes and quantities in an infinite declination of variants and alternatives.

Everything, absolutely everything, but most of all: You ... are the focus of our professional attention and highly skilled working methods.. This is true today, and whenever you will require our assistance and our furnishing supplies in the future!